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Welcome to IsraeLive

Photographed tours in Israel

Get to know Israel and its sites on a unique content site that contains hundreds of videos presented by Israeli Tour Guide and Photographer Michael Mashawy.


Religious sites, hikes and trails, travellinging ideas, and also videos answering common tourist questions, are all waiting for you here.


See you soon travelling in Israel with me!

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Baptism ceremony in Yardenit site


I'm Michael Mashawy.

IsraeLive specializes in photographed tours in Israel, and the site you entered is a unique content site that allows you to get to know Israel through videos, and to get to know me as well.


I have been a guide for over ten years, and my previous job was a photographer.


The connection between travel and photography is natural for me, so I have prepared for you hundreds of guided videos, in which I present to you:

Recommended travel sites in Israel

Fascinating natural phenomena

Filmed clear answers to common tourist questions

Religious and heritage sites

Ideas and recommendations for trips and itineraries

And more.



The videos give you general information about the sites, how to get there, and other nice and amusing facts.

The videos are filmed and edited in a fun, easy going and pleasant way.

IsraeLive is a web site in three languages: Hebrew, English and Italian.

Currently you are on the English page.


Did you enjoy the videos and you want to travel with me in Israel?

Contact me and see you here in Israel!

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