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Welcome to "The Authentic Sea of Galilee", your moment to experience
the Sea of Galilee like never before! 

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Click here to discover more about your free video

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- Want to get closer to the Holy Land and the Sea of Galilee?

- Can't arrive anytime soon to Israel, and feel far from it?

- Looking for a new personal perspective of the Sea of Galilee?

- Want to know things about the Holy Land that no one knows in your community?

Join now an emotional, biblical and educational filmed journey,

Next to the Sea of Galilee! 

  • between old and new

  • prophecy and reality,

  • funny and sad,

  • Judaism and Christianity

  • Between the ancient Jewish communities, and the modern state of Israel.

You can get right now a FREE VIDEO

and here are the topics that will be covered in it: 


"The Authentic Sea of Galilee" - Water: 

- By watching the free video, you would get an answer to the question:

Which prophecy about the water of the Sea of Galilee is "16% correct" even today, and why? 

It is going to be the first time out of many in the video, that you get to witness a prophecy

about the Sea of Galilee, in reality, as it realy looks like today!

- You would also learn, from me, a Jewish person, which Jewish commandment

Jesus wanted to commit by meeting with John The Baptist?

You would see the evidences to it, as they still exist today in Israel,

and get a closer look at the everyday life during the time of Jesus.


- Some things we can understand only if we stand where they happened, right?

So, why did the people who lived next to the Sea of Galilee needed miracles?

It looks like a nice area, next to a lake, where you can get all the food and water you need... 

Well, I will show you the answer, while standing myself in the water.

It would give you an entire new perspective about the area, as written in the Bible.

- You would see how can the water of the Sea of Galilee remain fresh,

and how did God "prepared" the area for fresh water, even before the water arrived.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your faith - you are in the right place. 


- And how all of this is connected to our trash cans??? :-)

Well, there is a funny connection in fact.

Just to keep things light and fun to watch...


A​ bit about me...

Filmed and presented by me, Michael Mashawy, Jewish Israeli tour guide, and photographer from

IsraeLive Tours – Photographed Tours in Israel. I am a tour guide for 15 years, and love showing my amazing country to people from all over the world, who get back home with an experience of a lifetime.

I live 30 seconds away from the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and can't wait to show you what is your iconic lake, and for me the backyard.


Ready to begin your journey? 

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