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Choose the best plan for you, to get as close as possible to the Sea of Galilee

  • "Know me better!"

    Watch the series and let's talk...
    • Access to full series + bonuses + a Zoom meeting with me.
    • 30 minutes Zoom meeting about any Holy Land topic you chose.
    • Tell me in advance what is the topic, for better service.
    • Discount available for a limited period of time.
    • $147 Discount off the normal price!
  • "Make it personal"

    Watch the series, let's talk, and get a gift home.
    • Get the full series + bonuses + 30 minutes Zoom meeting
    • and get "My Little Sea of Galilee" kit" shipped to you.
    • Add a personal and authentic souvenir to your experience.
    • Tell me in advance the Zoom chat topic, for better service.
    • $153 Discount off the normal price.
  • "Lets get serious!"

    Get Israelive's premium plan!
    • 1. Watch the full series + bonuses.
    • 2. get a 30 min. personal Zoom chat with me.
    • 3. get a "My Little Sea of Galilee" kit with a personalized
    • message or video from the Sea of Galilee with a personal
    • greeting for you, or your loved ones.
    • 4. Have a video tour with me as I am on site next to
    • a selected place in The Sea of Galilee area.
    • $148 discount! Quantity is limited to 2 virtual tours a week
    • Please contact before scheduling virtual tour on calendar.

Pay attention!

The prices as mentioned here are a package special offer discount.

To get the best prices, reserve now all the services you want at once.

Reserving services separately later would cost more.

After reserving, please CLICK HERE or use

"book a meeting" link in the footer to schedule your sessions and  

add delivery adress.


Thank you so much for joining me on a journey to the Sea of Galilee!

Here is some information to help you out:


1. After choosing your plan you will get the series to your email. You can also log in to the site to watch it.

2. If chosen, you will be directed to book a  Zoom meeting on a calendar system.

3. If your plan includes the "kit" you will be requested to write your shipping adress and a dedication.

It is recommended to add all details right after purchase, but at any time you can get access to the same page by clicking "book a meeting" located on the bottom of all site's pages. 

Cancelation of video series purchase: must be advised until 24h from purchase, with a $6 fee. 

Cancelation of Zoom or virtual tour: $15 fee for each activity, advised not later than 48h prior to the activity, and not more than 14 days from purchase.

Cancelation of "kit" - $3 fee, not later than 24h from purchase, as long as item was not shipped.

In unusual cases of expenssive shipping fee, if adress is not in Europe or the USA extra charges for kit delivery will apply, after informing and getting the permission to do so of course in advance.

For any further questions: The fastest and easiest way is to write through Whatsapp,

using the green icon below. You would be replied ASAP,

just Remember that there is probably a time difference between us.

Do you have any questions?

Need help?

Please CONTACT ME here

or click HERE and you will be directed to Whatsapp.


Once again, thank you so much!

Hope that you will enjoy the journey, and matbe we will see each other here in the Holy Land.

Michael, Israelive Tours.

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