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טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים דגל ישראל.jpg

IsraeLive video gallery

Welcome to the main video gallery of IsraeLive.

Here you can find all the videos about lovely Israel, divided by categories.


אתרי צבא וזיכרון

Zionism and modern Israel


The miracle of the modern state of Israel brings us many achievements.


On the other hand it didn't come without a price.

Here you can find the story of Israel from its wars to its prosperity.

להכיר את המדבר

The desert

The Israeli desert is magical.

From Judean desert to the Negev,

It's the nature at its best.

גנים לאומיים ואתרים היסטוריים

History and national parks


The history is all over Israel always.

You just have to know where to find it…

טיולי משפחות

Travel with kids


Travelling with the entire family is a great experience, but kids have different needs of course.


Here are many ideas for sites and attractions worth a visit with the kids.

אתרי דת

Churches and Christianity

The Christianity was born here in the Holy Land.


The earliest and most important Christian sites are here, and Christianity is still present here.

יהדות ובתי כנסת

Judaism and synagogues

Israel is the Jewish state and the Judaism is all around us here.



Get to know it from the Western Wall to the newest synagogues.

טיולי מים

Water hikes and experiences

It's hot here in the summer, so if you want to feel the Israeli nature while it is hot – do it when you are surrounded by water.

טבע ובעלי חיים

Nature and animals

Israel is small but its nature is very diverse:


From snowed mountain to an endless desert, feel the nature and meet the wildlife of Israel.

טיולים בצפון

Northern Israel

The Golan Heights, the Galilee, Hula Valley and so more are waiting for you in the northern part of Israel.

Explore their magic!

טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים הכותל המערבי.jp


Tel Aviv and between them

The central region of Israel gives us a great opportunity to explore Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Two cities that are so different from one another, but together their story is complete.

הדרכה חיה

I got filmed during my tours

In this gallery you have a special chance to meet me before our trip together: My personality, vibe, knowledge, humor and more.

Many videos filmed by me or by my tourists, as we travel in Israel.

טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים טיול חינם אטרקצ

Free entrance

Israel is not cheap to travel in, I know that.

So here I help you out a bit by suggesting sites without entrance fees.

טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים מסלול נגיש1.jpg

Accessible sites and trails

In this important gallery you will find sites in Israel that offer a complete or partial trail,

accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים טיול מקומות פחו

Adventure and challenge

If you want to spice up your experience in Israel, here you can hike, swim, climb, sail and some other ideas,


for the adrenalin lovers and young in spirit…

טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים מענה על שאלות.j

Filmed answers to common questions

Get some accurate information about common tourist questions, before and as they travel in Israel. All presented by short and easy to understand videos.

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