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טיול בישראל מדריך טיולים דגל ישראל מסוק.

My Specials

Tours are always fun, and on this page I present to you my special excursions.

The ones I created myself. those are close to my heart, and give expression to who and what I am. Anyone who knows me a little, knows that I have a very deep connection to Italy, that I see the world as an international Latin dance instructor, that I am a photographer, and in fact a photographer was my previous full-time job, that I have been playing since the age of 6  and there is more from me…

Feel free to scroll down and see where it all explained, and how you can be a part of it too.


Italian day tour in Israel

As a guide who speaks Hebrew and Italian, I was privileged to guide Israelis in Italy and Italians in Israel.

I learned a lot about the connection between the countries, and also about the many Italian sites that are here in the Israel.

On this day of the tour that takes place in Jerusalem:

We will find out where is there a synagogue that was brought completely from Italy to Israel

(spoiler: there is more than one of these…)

We will meet an Italian Jewish chef and get to know Italian cuisine in depth, and also the Jewish Italian cousine. Yes, we will taste too.

We will discover many surprising Italian buildings hidden in Jerusalem.

And we will get to know the Italian language and mentality in Italian lesson, an Italian body language lesson, trivia quizzes and more!

טיולי ריקוד בישראל.png

Dance tour in Israel


The big craze in my life, in a positive way of course, is the field of dance.

I have been privileged to travel and teach Latin dance in many countries around the world.

The dance brings people and cultures closer together and I invite you to a special trip combined with dance experience, Israel style.

Latin dance in Israel: A day trip combined with a visit to a studio or Latin club in Israel.

We will get to know the field of Latin dance in the country (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton and more(


We will walk around the area in the country where it was created, we will understand the connection between them, and get to know me, Michael the Tour Guide, also in my second hat as an international Salsa Teacher.


In the program we will get to know also the Israeli Folk Dance, the Hip Hop and it connection to Graffiti art, and more, while meeting with Dancers, Artists and Teachers.

מוזיקה ללא גבולות רקע.png

Music and art tours in Israel

Music and Art programs (can be added to an existing tour)


Get to know while exploring Israel, its music with its many origins, cultures and languages.

Listen to songs from Israel that became international hits, and also international songs in their Hebrew version.


Meet with artists from variety of fields, men and women who use their art as a tool to send a message out there.


Join cultural events with many Israelis together: Theater, sports and more.

הדרכה חיה

Photographed and filmed tours


Photographed and filmed tours (can be added to an existing tour)


Use my skills as a Tour Guide and a Photographer together:


Photo or video album will be sent to your mobile devices at the end of the trip or every evening.

Tutorial summaries to make sure that you don't forget…

Your edited clip is enjoying during the trip, so you will be busy just in traveling.

And even your "paparazzi" photos in the small and big moments, emotional and funny, taken with a professional camera.

Typing on Computer

Tour Guide in remote control… 


Video calls for consulting before a visit to Israel, building a program together, or get explanations from me as you are travelling in Israel's beautiful sites.


The Corona period brought to the world the video call, and it's here to stay.

Want to get a consultation call from me before going on a trip?

Want targeted guidance or guidance for a unique site, without bearing the cost of a full training day?

Or maybe you want lecture content anywhere else?

Contact us and we will arrange a video call for any service you need.

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