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Man Walking in Fields

About me

Why travel with me?

Thanks to the videos on the site, you can:

Get to know me:

The videos are a great way to get to know me even before the trip.

The form of speech, my personality, my (great) sense of humor, my knowledge and my vibe.

That way when we first meet in Israel, it would be like old friend meetup and not strangers.

Know the itinerary:

How convenient it is to see in advance the proposed itinerary while still building the trip together with videos of few minutes instead of long written descriptions.

The videos will also give you preliminary information about the places we will travel to, and you will be able to choose the best sites for you.

Man Walking in Fields

Know more about Israel:

As a part of the process of choosing the sites to visit, you can watch videos from many places in Israel, and get to know more and more of them.

Feel my vibe and experience:

I have been a certified guide for 10 years, and have been involved in the tourism industry in Israel since 2005.

Because of the unique content:

In my many videos you will find special and unfamiliar sites, fascinating activities, meetings, and trips exploring special fields such as: languages ​​and countries, dance and music, art programs and more.

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